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Automate your campaign optimization and management

AutoCampaign's patent-pending technology works behind the scenes to totally automate the optimization and management of your campaigns. We take over the tedious campaign-management tasks, so your business can entirely focus on its core competencies. Our platform works 24/7 on your campaigns - analyzing, tweaking and managing them at millisecond intervals.

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Optimizing with AutoCampaign:
Optimizing one item manually:

How is our patent-pending platform revolutionary?

AutoCampaign is able to seamlessly optimize campaigns by combining data from multiple independent platforms, taking into account the interrelationship of items and the estimated impact of optimizations immediately.

Interrelationship of items

We recognize that optimizing an item has a ripple effect on other items. For example, when an unprofitable placement is paused, the profitability of an underperforming ad may improve sufficiently to no longer warrant pausing it. Our technology considers these relationships, and the order of optimizations.

Impact of optimizations

After executing an optimization, it may take some time for the new data to outweigh the old. By not considering the estimated impact of optimizations immediately, items that may now be satisfying goals could be paused prematurely. Our technology applies any estimated impacts immediately.

Automate campaign optimization

Optimize to campaign rules and goals

Specify a broad "goal" to let AutoCampaign intelligently optimize your campaigns in the best way possible, with the option of applying manual hierarchical campaign optimization "rules" that take precedence.

Automated campaign goals

Define broad goals and let our platform entirely optimize your campaigns - selecting the order of optimizations, estimating their impacts, reassessing previous actions, and everything in-between.

Manual campaign rules

Create unlimited manual rules that take priority over our optimizations, can execute based on conditional statements, and respect optimization hierarchies.

Automate campaign management

Never manually monitor campaigns again

Automate campaign scheduling, performance alerts, switching links based on the number of conversions, triggering actions depending on the content of emails, and literally anything else you would manually do.

Proactively optimize campaigns

Apply the impact of optimizations immediately

Prevent prematurely pausing items by considering the estimated impact of other optimizations immediately.

Specify optimization "events"

Create events that allow you to immediately apply the estimated impact of optimizations in calculations, as well as other offline or untracked events that impact your campaign's performance.

Our proprietary system was built from the ground-up to ensure that campaigns are never again incorrectly optimized waiting for new data.

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Data from multiple platforms

Optimize using tracking platforms

Link campaigns in your tracking platform with the traffic source, to benefit from greater accuracy and additional data sets.

For example, you can use the tracking platform's conversion data with the traffic source's spend data for utmost accuracy.

You can also utilize early indicators from your tracking platform that would otherwise be unknown to the traffic source, such as the time spent on your website by visitors.

Integrated Platforms

Your competition probably automates. Why don't you?

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