March 30, 2015

Dear Friends,

In 2009, I decided to do something that would impact the lives of children who were grieving the death of a parent. As a widow, I understood first-hand the struggles and challenges that came with being widowed with a school-age child.

With that in mind, I launched Acts of Simple Kindness for Kids of Widows and Widowers (ASK) and served as the Executive Director for 5 years. In an effort to find balance among my home and work life, I stepped down from that position last year, and put my trust and support to the incoming Executive Director.

Unfortunately, unethical financial decisions were made under the new leadership that put our organization in jeopardy. Within a few hours of learning of this terrible betrayal of trust, the Executive Director was relieved of her duties; I personally ensured she was permanently cut off from all ASK funds; I contacted the local police department to pursue criminal charges and the Board reinstated me as the Executive Director.

As I have once again assumed the role of Executive Director, I will be responsible for ASK’s day to day operations, alongside our wonderful Board of Directors. I have always run ASK with the utmost integrity, conviction and belief that what we do matters. And that will not change. We are a strong organization, we have amazing donors and supporters, a solid Board of Directors, and most importantly some AMAZINGLY strong and courageous kids who need us.

Sadly, the former Executive Director’s unethical financial behavior left us with less than $1,000 in the bank, rendering it nearly impossible for us to issue grants at this time. It goes without saying, but ASK needs your support now more than ever. I am proud of ASK, what we are doing and the lives we are changing with each and every grant we award. Your ongoing and continued support of our mission, both financially and in spirit, is very much appreciated.

Karen Turner Marion
Founder and Executive Director


Acts of Simple Kindness, Inc. (ASK) is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit charitable organization that provides financial grants to children, through the age of 18, to continue or pursue extracurricular activities in the areas of education, sports, music and the arts following the death of a parent. The loss of a spouse and parent is difficult enough without worrying about how to afford the programs that will bring their grieving children happiness, provide stability and often fulfill a wish of a parent no longer here to grant the wish themselves.  Acts of Simple Kindness, Inc. was created so that this very important and overlooked need would be provided for. Children who have lost a parent did not ask for their lives to be so drastically changed.  With your generous donations, together we can help kids of widows and widowers with the small things that make a BIG difference. Thank you in advance for your support!

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